Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sick to Discover

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't been here in a while...or then again, perhaps you haven't (gasp!). For those of you who have noticed, it's not that I gave up on my favorite corner of the blog world, but rather that I was enjoying a super special week long event I like to call "getting hand-foot-and-mouth along with my girls." Yes, it's a time honored tradition and is sporting good fun! If you haven't ever had yourself a week long quarantine in your own home along with a sick infant and seven year-old, why you're just missing out!

While I was home I made a shocking discovery...I do a LOT! I'm not talking about the stuff nobody notices that magically happens around my house (like cleaning the baby bottles and packing the kids bags each night), we all know that's just part of the gig. No, I'm referring to how much I actually accomplish in a standard 24-hours outside of the every-day tasks.

Just sitting there, stuck on the couch with my laptop left me feeling so absolutely helpless! Answering just emails and IM? Really? That's it? I'm used to doing about 3 things at once. Truly, as we've discussed before, I rarely sit and watch television without doing at least one other thing. After years of counseling, a sign, in my opinion of great parenting, I have come to blame this need for constant movement and entertainment on my Mother. Sure, I can sit and smell the flowers like Ferdinand the Bull while doing absolutely nothing else; but why not smell the flowers while reading a book, listening to music, painting a picture or playing in a park with my kids?

I noticed this trait developing back in college (insert flashback waves and music here). I had a very, very, very hard time settling on just one major. I bounced around between at least four that my post-college-partying brain (I mean, over studied-brain) can recall. I vaguely even remember a double-major stent one year, due to my inability to settle. For me, there was just too much to learn....so many amazing options, how could I possible just choose one for "the rest of my professional life"?

Now, some 15+plus years later, I still haven't settle on the "one" perfect career path. I know writing is in my blood and is the main goal for my future; however, thanks to my older sister, my artistic side has once again been opened and I am finding so many opportunities springing up.

Want to volunteer? Well of course, who doesn't?!?! (We've covered this, so you all know how I feel about paying it forward, and back for that matter.) Sure, many people are involved in one, perhaps two, organization either by donating time, goods or money. Ah, but this is me we're talking about here. I apparently won't be happy until I've walked right up to the line of "spread too thin" when it comes to my extra curricular involvements. I have enough obligations here that I truly, hand to God, have two binders to organize my details. This is so not a bragging right, just an example of my overzealous nature.

Then there are hobbies, things I do to relax (see, and you thought I didn't know how). I can't just read one book...no, not me; why at this very moment, I have three books that I am currently reading in rotation with two more already pulled from the shelf, poised and ready to enter the rotation at the first opportunity. I've got a mosaic project, curtains, painting, cross-stitching and updating my stamp albums also in full swing at this moment; not to mention several other crafting explorations sitting on my To Do List to tackle next. Yep, tis true, I actually have a To Do List for projects and hobbies.

See, this is what I was referring to earlier. I never realized, until I was sitting at home, just how busy my "happy meter" likes to be kept. It got me wondering, all joking aside, why? Why do I feel most fulfilled when I'm constantly moving...constantly busy....constantly thinking?

Sunday afternoon, while trying to balance a few tasks around the house with spending the afternoon with my oldest daughter, I got my answer. I am a life embracer. For me, like college, life offers so many opportunities, so many options; I just never want to miss out on anything. I never want to miss a moment of showing my children a new experience. I never want to miss the chance to challenge my artistic side or stretch my creative muscle while decorating my house. I never want to miss the chance to give back to someone, the unconditional love and support that someone else gave me when I needed it. I don't want to miss the exhibit at the history museum or the chance to learn about the past from a great book.

Nope, I was sick to discover that while I was sitting there being sick, I was missing out on so many chances to live.

So I'd like to take this very public moment to sincerely thank my Mother for exposing me to such a variety of things as a child and for opening my mind to the possibilities that life has to offer. Mother, it was you who gave me this inner drive to constantly enjoy and live my life. Thank you!

As for the rest of you, as a reminder, smell the flowers, but don't ever miss an opportunity to live....and I'll see you back here tomorrow. ;)

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