Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It's December 2nd and yes, Virginia, there really is snow outside in Dallas, Texas!!!!! I heard the projections last night as I was falling asleep, but being as a) I live in Dallas and b) it's only the beginning of December, you'll pardon me if I didn't give much credit to what the meteorologists were warning.

I had no idea when I woke-up this morning what wonders awaited me outside. I let the dogs out when I got up, just as I normally do. I prodded the older girls out of bed at 6:15, dressed the baby around 6:45 and packed my lunch and standard six cups of coffee in my thermos shortly after, just as always.

With all the girls loaded in the car I hit the garage door button...and what to my wondrous eyes did appear but a beautiful barrage of snowy goodness! The screams of glee from the car were almost deafening as the weather phenomenon registered with the two almost eight year-olds in the backseat. “Snow!!! Oh my gosh, look, it’s snow!!!!” came the screams.

Something so simple can cause such joy in children and fear in adults. For kids it’s a representation of pure merriment and carefree entertainment; however, for many parents I fear it’s seen as impending doom of the commute yet to come. Not for me though, no sir! Under the guise of assessing the situation, I promptly stepped out onto the driveway, peered up at the beautiful morning sky and smiled a greeting to my old friend. I even faked a need to get gas before dropping them off justs so I could stand out in the snow and enjoy the feeling of the flakes as they fell upon me.

No matter how many times I see it or how many times I’ve had to scrape it off my car, snow still holds that same child-like wonderment to me. The beautiful melodic sound it makes as it falls gently from the sky; the amazing power it has to change the entire landscape overnight; the hours of endless entertainment it offers alone or with your children building snowmen, throwing snowballs and sledding.

I had to catch myself several times on the drive in. I would notice that instead of watching the SUV in front of me, I was monitoring the way the snowflakes looked as they hit my windshield. Each flake splat made a unique pattern. Thank goodness the brake lights snapped me out of my mesmerized trance!

Maybe it’s the idea that with snow a new season is officially announced and that new season offers change and a new adventure, or perhaps it’s just an excuse to act like a carefree child again, if for just a moment.

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